Frequently Asked Questions

See our packages for a general rundown.
For all packages, I will make sure I’m set up and ready before the guests arrive.
For a reception I generally play for 2 x 45 min sets during dinner, then 2-3 1hr long sets after the first dance.
This is worked around speeches and other formalities – so times may vary.
Canapés is 1 x 1hr set
Ceremony covers entrance, signing, and exit songs.
For a ceremony I’m happy to learn entrance, signing and exit songs.
For a standard reception, if the song is not on my list already, or it is not part of the formalities, then I limit learning new songs to 3 songs.
My prices include travel within a 100km radius of Newcastle.
Outside of this varies depending on distance – please ask for a quote.
Generally no.
I base my prices on many factors and believe these to be fair prices.
However, I don’t entirely rule them out.
I’d be happy to look over what work is involved within the budget you have.
Music for your wedding is very personal.
If you like what they sound like, then book them!
If you like what I sound like, then book me!
It’s entirely down to what you like the sound of and how much you can spend on entertainment.
I play pop and rock songs from many eras.
I’ve been complimented on many occasions about my fantastically varied set lists.
Yes, this is a free service.
Even if the venue has one, I always bring mine as a backup.
Currently, No. This may change in the future.
The deposit is $200 and required to lock the date in so you don’t miss out – yes, this happens.
I ask that clients finalise the account 1 month before the event.
No, you don’t have to decide right away.
Of course I can!
Just let me know how you’d like the day to run and I can liaise with the DJ to make it work smoothly.
Some people choose specific songs or artists, others might request I DON’T play a kind of artist (eg. No Ed Sheeran) 
Yes, I still play regularly around the pub circuit – contact me for details.
Otherwise, I make sure my live videos are as close to the real thing as possible.